War Artists

Westminster City Archives holds a collection of original artworks painted by government war artists, including R.G.Mathews, who were commissioned to paint bomb damage during the Second World War.

Many of these rarely-viewed pieces were displayed in the West End at War exhibition at the SW1 Gallery, Victoria from 9 December 2010 to 13 January 2011. For more details check the Events pages on the left hand side menu.


Page link: Blitz by Brushstroke
Blitz by Brushstroke
Westminster's War Artists
Page link: Adrian Allinson
Adrian Allinson
1890 - 1959
Page link: Frank Beresford
Frank Beresford
1881 - 1967
Page link: Henry Marvell Carr
Henry Marvell Carr
1894 - 1970
Page link: William Gaunt
William Gaunt
1900 - 1980
Page link: Anthony Gross
Anthony Gross
1905 - 1984
Page link: R.G. Mathews
R.G. Mathews
1870 - 1955
Page link: John Edgar Platt
John Edgar Platt
1886 - 1967
Page link: Blackfriars Bridge
Blackfriars Bridge
John Edgar Platt (1943)
Page link: Burlington Arcade
Burlington Arcade
R.G.Mathews (1941)
Page link: Charing Cross Hospital
Charing Cross Hospital
R.G.Mathews (1946)
Page link: The House of Commons
The House of Commons
Frank Ernest Beresford (1945)
Page link: Shaftesbury Theatre
Shaftesbury Theatre
R.G.Mathews (1945)
Page link: St. Anne's, Soho
St. Anne's, Soho
William Gaunt (1942)
Page link: St James's Square
St James's Square
Adrian Allinson (1942)
Page link: Victoria Street
Victoria Street
R.G.Mathews (1947)